Forte Shut off Hopper (Includes Lid)

Forte Shut off Hopper (Includes Lid)
ر.س.‏172٫50 ر.س.‏150٫00
Forte Shut off Hopper (Includes Lid) متاحة للشراء بزيادة بالمقدار 1
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Shut off Hopper (revision1.2) Is a new, slightly larger, hopper with the ability to remove it from the grinder, while the beans are still in it, enabling easier changeover of beans

Baratza's polished "Shut-Off Hopper" has a capacity of 300 grams (0.65 lbs.), 20% more bean volume than all other Baratza hoppers. It has an innovative bean shut off feature; by flipping the lever 180 degrees it closes the opening. This allows the hopper to be easily removed from the grinder, keeping the coffee beans inside. The bean waste below the stopper averages a surprisingly low 10 grams.

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